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UIUCTF 2022 Crypto + Misc

2022 Aug 01ctf

Writeups for challenges from the UIUCTF 2022 CTF

MCH2022 CTF Crypto

2022 Jul 26ctfcrypto

Writeups for the crypto challenges from the May Contain Hackers 2022 CTF

International Cybersecurity Challenge 2022 - Trademark

2022 Jul 24ctfcryptoatkdef

I travelled to Greece this year to represent Asia in a CTF competition. I had a fun time at the attack/defense day; this was my experience working with the web/crypto service Trademark.

ImaginaryCTF 2022 Crypto

2022 Jul 19ctfcrypto

Writeups for the >100 point crypto challenges from ImaginaryCTF 2022

Google CTF 2022 - OCR (misc)

2022 Jul 05ctfmiscml

Leak images in a ML test set with specially crafted model weights

Data Analysis for Medical Students

2022 Feb 24dsai

Go from zero to Colab in 3 (or likely more) hours.