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UMDCTF 2024 Writeups

29 Apr 2024 ctfcryptoml

Writeups for Key Recovery, attack of the worm and the worm strikes back.

GEEKCTF Writeups

21 Apr 2024 ctfshellcodecryptoweb

Writeups for HNP, SafeBlog2, liquor and more from GEEKCTF.

SekaiCTF 2023 Writeups

28 Aug 2023 ctfcrypto

Writeups for RandSubWare, NoisierCRC and more from SekaiCTF 2023.

GreyCTF 2023 Finals Writeups

17 Jul 2023 ctfcrypto

Writeups for Baby Feistel, OTP2, POTP and more from the GreyCTF 2023 Finals.

DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2023 - Artifact Bunker

30 May 2023 ctfwebforensics

Template injection into YAML file and leaking data from tar archive using partial zip overwrites