stuff i’ve made

software & hardware development

Here are some things that I’ve made in my free time.

wpk++ & online judge | 2023


wpk++ Github | Online Judge

Built a new interpreter for the woodpecker esolang and an online judge with live leaderboard to go together with it. Uses Rust and SvelteKit.

slidershim | 2022


Github | Download

Software adapter that translates various types of Chunithm controller data to keyboard/gamepad output while handling controller LED lighting. Uses many technologies such as serial, webserver, websockets and HID. Written in Rust.

Portfolio website | 2022


Currently running on SvelteKit. Previous iterations since 2020 have used Sapper, Next.js and Gatsby.

Also, have some rain (try to use a desktop).

AutoAnki | 2021

Try it out

Provide any text and get a suggested anki cloze card for that text using machine learning and natural language processing magic. Especially useful for getting anki cards that are in your own writing style without spending too much time manually curating cards. Built with Tensorflow and BERT, runs on Google Colab.

ChedPlus | 2021


Github | Download

A fork of @paralleltree’s Ched .sus editor with various new features and quality of life tweaks. Built with C# and WinForms.

brokenithm-kb | 2021


Github | Demo Video | Download

Turns any tablet device into a remote keyboard for a windows machine, to be used to play various rhythm game simulators. Built with websockets and MSVC++.

Fleet | 2019


Press releases?

An all-in-one vehicle tracker app for (R)SAF drivers, helping keep track of mileage driven and vehicle status. Made during my free time during enlistment using Vue and Couchdb. This idea was later adopted by the staff there and they are developing an official version the official version has since been deployed!

GCE A-level Notes | 2017



My A-level revision notes, written in LaTeX and all open source. My idea of avoiding having to revise was to crawl the LaTeX stack exchange.

Updated to the 2017 syllabus revision.

IIVX | 2015


Build log album | Github

A build log of a hardware project I did in secondary school to DIY a music game controller. Involved experimenting with electronics, Arduino microcontrollers, CAD/CAM, 3D modelling and 3D printing. 40 stars on Github and counting!

hackathon projects

These are some things I’ve made as part of various hackathons, all made in 24 hour long (sleepless) events.

Pynoculars | 2022


Devpost | Github

A Jupyter Notebook extension that handles code and data egress intended for online class progress tracking and management.

We gave a talk at NUSHackers’ Friday Hacks and shared more about how it works.

Submitted to Hack n Roll 2022

SUS URL Shortener | 2021


Devpost | Github

A URL shortener that disguises links over messaging apps and social media by abusing metadata tags and rich media embeds. Made with Svelte / Sapper.

Submitted to INTUition 2021

SafeEntry Please | 2021 | 🥇


Try it out | Devpost | Github

A Sinkie version of Papers Please for the pandemic age. Procedural generation of graphics assets was done with help of machine learning, everything else written in Svelte.

Submitted to Hack n Roll 2021, it won the Top 8 prize!

Rabbitmania | 2020 | 🥇


Devpost | Demo Video

We took that rabbit ear hat and turned it into a webcam-powered rhythm game! Made with vanilla javascript.

Submitted to Hack n Roll 2020, it won the Top 8 prize!

Cai or Not | 2019


A joke machine learning project to decide the caifan dish you are eyeing counts as a vegetable or meat.

Submitted to Hack n Roll 2019

Ballpoint | 2017


Turn a ping pong ball into a rudimentary wii remote motion controller using webcam magic.

Submitted to Hack n Roll 2017