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DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2023 - Artifact Bunker

2023 May 30 ctfwebforensics

Template injection into YAML file and leaking data from tar archive using partial zip overwrites

PlaidCTF 2023 Writeups

2023 Apr 17 ctfrevcrypto

Writeups for bivalves, fastrology and The Other CSS.

Hack-a-Sat 4 Qualifiers Writeups

2023 Apr 03 ctfrev

Writeups for challenges As Below, Leavenworth Street, Hyde Street and So Above from the Hack-a-Sat 4 qualifiers.

Asian Cyber Security Challenge 2023 Qualifiers CTF Writeups

2023 Feb 26 ctf

Writeups for Corrupted, Dual Signature Algorithm, easySSTI and more from ACSC 2023.

STACK The Flags 2022 Writeups

2022 Dec 04 ctfcrypto

Writeups for Pad the flag, MysteryCrypt and more from Govtech's CTF.

SECCON CTF 2022 Crypto Writeups

2022 Nov 13 ctfcrypto

Writeups for challenges janken vs kurenaif, witches_symmetric_exam, insufficient and more from SECCON CTF 2022