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WMCTF 2022 Crypto Writeups

22 Aug 2022 ctfcrypto

Writeups for challenges ecc, homo and nanoDiamond-rev from from WMCTF 2022

UIUCTF 2022 Crypto + Misc Writeups

1 Aug 2022 ctfcryptoml

Writeups for challenges Bro-key-n, Sussy ML, blackboxwarrior and more from UIUCTF 2022

MCH2022 CTF Crypto Writeups

26 Jul 2022 ctfcrypto

Writeups for challenges qEXMRY^7, Sharing is caring and Squaring Off from the May Contain Hackers 2022 CTF

International Cybersecurity Challenge 2022 - Trademark

24 Jul 2022 ctfcryptoatkdef

I travelled to Greece this year to represent Asia in a CTF competition. I had a fun time at the attack/defense day; this was my experience working with the web/crypto service Trademark.

ImaginaryCTF 2022 Crypto Writeups

19 Jul 2022 ctfcrypto

Writeups for challenges Poker, Secure Encoding: Base64, Living Without Expectations and more from ImaginaryCTF 2022