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  • Full stack web development across React, Vue, Svelte and Django
  • Data science & machine learning with Pytorch / Tensorflow / Huggingface frameworks
  • Typesetting with LaTeX
  • Server administration
  • WIP C++/game development, C#/.NET and Rust

studies & experience


LKCMed, NTU | 2020-2025

Currently a second-year undergraduate medical student, graduating in the class of 2025.

Programmes Commitee Member + Presenter

LKC MedTech SIG | 2021-2022

Part of founding committee for my faculty's medical technology interest group. Responsible for content creation and technical direction for events.

Publicity & Publications Committee Member

LKCMedSoc | 2020-2022

Responsible for feature development for and maintainance of the LKCMedicine Student's Medical Society website and author/typesetter for various internal publications.

Hosting Scientific Committee

International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) | 2020

Involved in problem-setting and vetting for an international competitive programming competition targeted at junior college/high school students.

Core Strategist

GIC | 2020

Interned for 6 months at GIC's technology group / business solutions department. Involved in full stack development of data analytics platforms and internal systems.

Organizational Systems Security Analyst

Certified by ThinkSecure | 2019

Took the OSSA course in 2019, sponsored by the Cybersecurity Challenge Singapore from 2018.

Scientific Commitee Member

National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) | 2019

Involved in problem-setting and vetting for Singapore's local informatics olympiad targeted at junior college students, organised by NUS.